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census example

The census records can provide vital information about your ancestors. They record full names, addresses, occupations, ages, relationships, gender, place/county of birth and certain medical conditions, recording a snapshot of family life in years gone by.

Our objective is to make census data affordable without the problems that transcription only projects can cause. We provide the original page images as written by the census enumerator with bookmarks to enable you to find the right section. One of the benefits of this approach is that you can spend time considering ambiguous entries which could be overlooked or misinterpreted by a transcriber. Your family knowledge can give you the edge in searching for entries that, if mis-transcribed, could hide your ancestors' names forever.

london 1881 Census

Making home research a reality has always been our aim. We will be making available on CD as much material as we can. The London 1891 Census was the first product to be launched in this series and has been a huge success, Lancashire, Yorkshire and many more counties have followed.

We have the census on CD for every county in England and Wales for 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1891, and 1901. We also have London, Yorkshire, Lancashire and Kent 1881.

Personal Use License

Census sets come with a personal use licence for the set. This prevents the use of the set by more than one person. The splitting of a set for resale or sharing is prohibited and is a direct breach of this license. Those in breach of the license will be liable to prosecution by British Data Archive Ltd and may well be liable to a separate action through the Crown. If you feel unable to comply please do not purchase the sets. People copying or splitting sets has meant that some census sets will not even repay the cost of the microfilm or the wages of the staff involved in publishing them. Such actions jeopardise the availability of an essential genealogy resource.

Library licenses are available on request, please phone for details.